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Whether you are leading a team for the first time or preparing to step up into a management role, demonstrate your skills and capability with CAI's Certificate in Leadership. The Certificate is supported by CAI’s Catalyst Leadership Training Program®, a self-paced online training course available 24/7 allowing  you to tailor your learning to fit your busy schedule. The online program includes seven modules which will give you the knowledge, tools and insights needed to strengthen and hone YOUR leadership skills to bridge the gap between management and leadership while preparing you for the certification exam.

CAI's Certificate in Leadership

certificate from iSQI





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In today’s business environment, organizations need leaders with vision, critical business skills, and the ability to drive change. The iSQI Certificate in Leadership will demonstrate not only your own self-awareness as a leader but your ability to:

Become more








Build high performing teams



Preparation for the certificate is supported by CAI’s Catalyst Leadership Training Program®, whose self-directed learning method allows students to move through the training at their own pace and at their convenience. The course includes book excerpts and articles from widely recognized leadership experts such as Kotter, Goleman, Buckingham and Heifetz among others.

  • M 1 – The difference between a manager and a leader

    What is the difference between a manager and a leader? How do the roles of a manager and a leader overlap? This module answers these questions and will help you aquire a leadership mindset.

  • M 2 – Understanding who I am as a person, a leader and a manager

    Research shows a positive correlation between the results of an organization and the emotional behavior of its managers and leaders. Learn more about your own personality traits and emotions and how they impact your organization and what you can do to improve and strengthen those attributes that transform you into a more effective manager and leader.


  • M 3 – Focusing on the human dimension

    The most valuable resource an organization has is its people. If you understand the basic needs, values and strengths of your people, your employees are more passionate about their work, more motivated and inspired to do their best. The results of their work will lead your organization to more success!


  • M 4 – Performance Management

    An organization and its people can mutually benefit from a shared understanding of the  linkage between the organization’s vision and goals and what motivates and drives employees to excel. Learn how to measure the correct indicators of true progress and how to give feedback that strengthens and improves performance rather than stifle it.


  • M 5 – Teams and Teamwork

    Successful teams provide a competitive advantage, an edge that most organizations hope to achieve but many never accomplish. Such teams rely on more than just group discussion, sharing of information, debate and best-practice performance standards. You will learn how team members become mutually accountable as they strive toward common goals and, together, achieve objectives beyond what each person could achieve alone.

  • M 6 – Managerial Decision Making

    Leaders are responsible for making critical decisions that often have significant implications for people, operations and business results. If too little or no time is spent assessing and learning from bad decisions, mistakes are needlessly repeated. Module 6 focuses on how to identify the factors that lead you to make incorrect conclusions, the impact of your own biases and how to evaluate the risks and minimize their negative effects on decision making.


  • M 7 – Becoming the change agent your organization needs

    Providing a vision of the future and a direction for getting there is one of the most important works of leadership. For any new vision to become a reality, change is required. As a leader you will be tasked with helping your people embrace change and transition to a new paradigm smoothly. Module 7 focuses on the stage of organizational change, concerns people have about change and the skills and competencies required of the leaders who implement change. You will learn how to identify factors that must be managed to effectively plan for change and overcome obstacles.


Module overview

Modules should be completed in sequential order as they build on each other. Reading assignments and presentations are based on the works of experts in leadership and management. Enroll to the course and build on your strengths:

Enroll in the CAI's Catalyst Leadership Training Program


Enroll and get a one-year access to the CAI's Catalyst Leadership Training Program. Your subscription includes all e-learning materials for the seven modules of the Catalyst Leadership Training Program. We strongly recommend you complete the modules in sequential order, because they build on each other.



Included materials:


• Lesson Assignments – articles and book excerpts

• Meeting the Objectives – review questions to ensure comprehension

• Personal Assessment & Application questions

• Module Summary presentations

• Module Assessments

• McQuaig Word Survey

• Course Supplement Emails

• Fees for the iSQI Certificate in Leadership exam at the end of the course

only $999

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